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Therapy Session
Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Goal Setting

Determine and achieve the steps needed to fulfill your purpose(s).

Spiritual Relationships

Improve your relationship with God and others.



Experience spiritual exercises and prayer to heal emotional pain.

Listening prayer

Learn to sense God’s personal thoughts for you and His guidance.

Here’s How I Will Help

Assess your current relationship with God and spiritual health.

Ask powerful, clarifying questions to determine your personal calling and where you want to be in your walk with God.


Listen intuitively to what you long for in your relationship with the Lord and your personal calling.


Uncover blocks and obstacles to bring victory through Inner Healing and various Prayer experiences/tools.


Teach you to discern God’s voice – His personal thoughts and guidance for you.


Listen to your heart and God’s heart to help you determine realistic goals to move forward.


Hold you accountable to the next steps you sense the Lord is asking you to do.

Sunset on the Bench
Cup of Coffee


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 "I had the opportunity to begin working with Chip at the end of 2019 and the timing was perfect. I was dealing with difficulties in my career, sense of identity, and was trying to figure out my role in my walk with God. Chip was a huge source of support; I felt comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities and challenges, along with my excitement as we celebrated my successes. He is guiding me through the stresses and stressors I deal with at work and has been a great coach through this challenge called Covid-19. I appreciated that he kept me accountable, and that we were able to have difficult conversations. The experience with Chip is transformative as I feel safe to be myself (skeletons in my closet included), and encouraged to shine brightly. I'm excited to hear about Chip's future impact through the clients he continues to support!"


Steve R.

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